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Dampa Tiger Reserve

Aizawl Mizoram

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Tags : Wildlife

Timings : 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Entry Fee : INR 5

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Overview of Dampa Tiger Reserve, Aizawl, Mizoram

Nestled in the lush green hills of Mizoram, the Dampa Tiger Reserve Aizawl stands as a testament to India's rich biodiversity. Spanning an area of approximately 500 square kilometers, this reserve is not only a crucial habitat for the majestic Bengal tiger but also a sanctuary for a myriad of other species. The landscape of Dampa is a mosaic of tropical forests, bamboo brakes, and meandering streams, creating a habitat that is both diverse and dynamic.

The Reserve's history dates back to its establishment in 1985, under Project Tiger, a government initiative aimed at preserving the dwindling population of tigers in India. Over the years, Dampa has played a significant role in this conservation effort. The forest's dense canopy, interspersed with open grasslands and rugged terrain, provides the perfect haven for tigers and other wildlife like leopards, Indian elephants, and hoolock gibbons.

The biodiversity of Dampa Tiger Reserve is remarkable. It hosts over 450 species of plants, including several rare and endangered species. The animal kingdom is well-represented too, with an array of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Birdwatchers are particularly drawn to Dampa, as it is home to over 250 bird species, including the crested serpent eagle and the emerald dove.

Architecture of Dampa Tiger Reserve

Dampa Tiger Reserve's architecture is not just about the physical structures but also encompasses the layout of its natural landscapes and the integration of conservation facilities. The architectural approach within the Reserve is designed to minimize human impact while maximizing conservation efforts.

At the heart of the Reserve's architecture is the eco-centric design philosophy. This is evident in the way the forest rest houses, observation towers, and other facilities are constructed. Local materials like bamboo and wood are predominantly used, blending the structures seamlessly with the surrounding environment. The design also incorporates traditional Mizo architectural styles, paying homage to the local culture and heritage.

The Reserve's layout is strategically planned to facilitate wildlife movement and habitat connectivity. Corridors connecting different parts of the forest allow animals to roam freely, which is crucial for their natural behavior and well-being. Water bodies within the Reserve are maintained to ensure a steady water supply for the wildlife, especially during dry seasons.

Tips When Visiting Dampa Tiger Reserve

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Dampa Tiger Reserve is from November to March. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and the chances of spotting wildlife are higher.

What to Bring

Visitors should bring binoculars, cameras, comfortable walking shoes, light clothing, and essentials like a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent.

Guided Tours

Opting for guided tours is recommended for a safe and informative jungle experience. Local guides are knowledgeable about the Reserve's trails and wildlife.

Respect Wildlife

It's crucial to maintain a safe distance from wildlife and refrain from feeding or disturbing them. This ensures your safety and respects the natural behavior of the animals.

Conservation Awareness

Visitors should be aware of conservation rules, such as not littering and adhering to designated paths, to minimize their impact on the environment.

How To Reach Dampa Tiger Reserve

Dampa Tiger Reserve is accessible via road, rail, and air. The nearest airport is Lengpui Airport in Aizawl, which is well-connected to major Indian cities. From Aizawl, visitors can take a taxi or a bus to the Reserve. The journey offers scenic views of the Mizoram landscape.

For those preferring rail travel, the nearest railway station is Silchar in Assam. From Silchar, road transport is available to reach the Reserve. The journey by road from Silchar to Dampa Tiger Reserve takes around 6-7 hours.

Visitors can also drive to the Reserve. The roads are well-maintained, but it's advisable to check local travel advisories and weather conditions before embarking on the journey.

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Faq on Aizawl

What is Dampa Tiger Reserve in Aizawl?

Dampa Tiger Reserve is a protected area located in Aizawl, Mizoram, India. It is renowned for its rich biodiversity and is home to various species of flora and fauna, including the Bengal tiger.

How big is Dampa Tiger Reserve?

Dampa Tiger Reserve spans across an area of approximately 550 square kilometers, making it one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in Mizoram.

What wildlife can be found in Dampa Tiger Reserve?

Dampa Tiger Reserve is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including Bengal tigers, leopards, elephants, hoolock gibbons, sambar deer, barking deer, wild boars, and various species of birds and reptiles.

Is Dampa Tiger Reserve open to tourists?

Yes, Dampa Tiger Reserve is open to tourists. However, certain areas may have restricted access to minimize human disturbance to the wildlife.

What activities can tourists enjoy in Dampa Tiger Reserve?

Tourists visiting Dampa Tiger Reserve can enjoy activities such as wildlife safaris, birdwatching, nature walks, and trekking.