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discover the best things to do in dublin ireland

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland, with an impressive history, and culture, great numbers of pubs, and welcoming inhabitants. It is always possible to get the most out of Dublin in the time you have available; be it a weekend break or perhaps even more days you can still explore what this great city has to offer. Whether one wants to walk around old cathedrals, visit ancient buildings, or relax in green parks, Dublin is always a good choice. Dublin, Ireland is a vibrant city with a lot to offer tourists; you will find below the ultimate list of the must-do activities during your Dublin trip.

Take a Tour of Trinity College & The Book of Kells
Trinity College is the oldest university in Ireland, with its foundation in 1592, and therefore is one of the sites in Dublin that one cannot afford to miss when it comes to history. Take a stroll around the beautiful cobblestone streets of Trinity College and then proceed to the magnificent Old Library building to view the famous Book of Kells. It has been estimated that this work was penned by Celtic monks around 800 AD and it is an illuminated manuscript that contains the four gospels of the New Testament. Stare at the magnificent designs on the ceiling before moving around to explore the other artifacts and articles at the library which include other relics, books, and manuscripts from ancient Ireland.

Wikipedia Tour – Stroll through St Stephen’s Green
To continue with your historical exploration, after exploring the historical Trinity College, you can head to St Stephen’s Green, a picturesque beautiful Victorian public city center park. Just walk around observing local people feeding the ducks in the pond or finding your own corner of a park with green grass to sit on and breathe in fresh air. Speaking of food, remember that there are no eateries within the park’s central area: On a sunny day, bring your own lunch on a picnic or grab something at one of the cafés located around the park perimeter. Look for cute and quaint little shrines and graves and for busy working people everywhere.

Have a drink of the famous Guinness beer at the Gravity bar.
This is one place that you definitely cannot afford to miss when in Dublin; the Guinness Storehouse is perhaps the most famous pub in the entire world. At the Storehouse, there is a description of the history of Ireland’s beloved black beverage, a tour inside the production process of the beer, and, finally, the consumption of a free pint in the Gravity Bar. The Gravity Bar is situated at the top floor and is a large round bar made of glass right in the middle of Dublin with a glass ceiling as well that gives a full round view of the city. It is most definitely a bit postcard-like as it is one of the best places in Dublin to take it easy with your new favorite Irish beer.

This activity involves taking a walk through the Temple Bar Neighborhood.
Temple Bar is described as Dublin’s cultural quarter, with walkable streets, galleries, theatres, and restaurants offering traditional cuisine and of course, lined with pulsating pubs, some of which offer live music. Wander around Temple Bar and visit some of the best music pubs such as The Auld Dubliner and Oliver St. John Gogarty’s with locals and real musicians who play Irish music with passion. If you find time, do not fail to pose for photos on the Ha’Penny Bridge which is a bridge over River Liffey and is among the famed landmarks in Dublin.

Tour the Kilmainham Gaol
Kilmainham Gaol was constructed in the year 1796, and at some point in its history, it housed some of the most popular political/military figures in Ireland. It is now a museum that can provide an exciting glimpse into Ireland’s past and the prisons as well; where one can take a tour and get to stroll through the prison corridors of Victorian architecture, see the gloomy areas of executions, and even stand in a cell where Grace Gifford the leader of the 1916 Easter Rising, and many other revolutionary leaders were incarcerated.

Go to Watch a Concert or Show
To sum it up, Dublin is blessed with great arts and culture. Watching a band perform live, watching a comedian perform live, a drama, a ballet, or any other performance is a great way to support the people of Ireland and their creative minds. Some of the best venues for shows in Dublin include Vicar Street, which attracts big-name performers from all over the world; the Olympia Theatre, which hosts musicals and plays, and the Gaiety Theatre, which enchants the audiences with ballets and operas.

This calls for fresh oysters from the cost, especially from the coastal area where they are far much cheaper than the inland marketed ones.
Perhaps one of the most popular sources of food that tourists acknowledge to be delicious is the seafood available in almost every corner of Dublin. As for the classical Dublin rock oysters, it is recommended to taste them either pan-fried, battered, or simply served raw – tender and succulent oysters from the cold waters of Northern Ireland are definitely worth trying. Some of the highly recommended seafood restaurants in Dublin that a tourist can visit to taste oysters are; Klaw, The Oyster House, and The Lobster Pot among others.

See even more of the history of the country in Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
Tourists who love history could spend weeks just being taken around the castles, cathedrals, and other historical buildings in Dublin that have their own characters, styles, and histories. Constructed in 1204, Dublin Castle today features state rooms and gardens, museums, and governmental offices. It is impossible to overlook grottoes: Christ Church Cathedral established in the early 11th century by Sitric Silkbeard, King of Dublin, and the high-architectural Gothic-like St Patrick’s Cathedral where Jonathan Swift preached.

Before moving to the conclusion, that might help you plan your Ireland trip even better, here is the ultimate list of things that are a must to do around Dublin! Dublin cannot be tired as it is endowed with so much life, culture, history, and scenic scenery for one to immerse himself or herself in the best in Ireland.