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In Real: Prague'S Most Beautiful Places To Visit

It is an amazing city that everyone would want to visit because of the beauty, history, and friendly environment it displays. It is the capital city of the Czech Republic that resonates with vivacity, historical significance, artistic elegance, architectural marvel, and more related to nature. Strolling the serpentine paved roads, majestic structures of bygone times stand guard over the city, instilling a romantic hue on the amblers. If you are ever to visit this amazing city, there are definitely some areas and sites you must visit to truly capture the charm of Prague.

Old Town Square

The old part of the town, called Old Town, is a must-see, particularly Old Town Square. This is one of the oldest open markets established as long ago as the 12th century and it offers a market atmosphere in a rather pastel production encased in Gothic, Baroque as well as Renaissance style architecture. The famous Orloj is a Gothic clock that dates back to the 15th Century and is situated on the wall of the Old Town City Hall, a place where thousands of tourists congregate to watch the animated medieval figures of the clock. Adjacent to the bridge stands the gothic Týn Church which was built in the 14th century and looms over the scene with its tall gables and towers. Take a leisurely stroll through the outdoor market, entertainment troupes, and eateries that converge on the square, and then wander through the courtyards of the old town that twists and turns like a romantic movie set.

Charles Bridge

Spanning the Vltava River for more than six centuries, and a prime location for photographs, the Charles Bridge is one of Prague’s most renowned monuments. Constructed in 1357, Thirty Baroque statues are placed on pilaster sides of the pedestrian bridge, which leads to the overlooking views of the Prague Castle over red roofs in spiral roads. Tourists are a nightmare, especially in the most beautiful spots, so the best times to take pictures are early morning when no one is around. In each statue, be sure to look carefully - some of the statues can grant your wish if you rub them!

Malá Strana

On the left bank of the Vltava river, opposite Old Town, Malá Strana translates to “Lesser Town”, and one can just be mesmerized by the winding carriageways paved with cobblestones opening to Baroque palaces, churches, and gardens. Founded in the 13th century; some of the most important architectural attractions are the Church of St. Nicholas, the Vrtbovská Garden, and the Wallenstein Garden. To enjoy the most beautiful sightseeing in Prague, take the stairs to the Petřín Hill or go by the funicular railway to Petřín and climb to the Petřín Observation Tower.

Prague Castle

The most extensive and uninterrupted castle area in the world, one cannot pay a visit to Prague without paying a visit to this massive castle structure, which goes as far back as the 9th century. Visit the oldest and most beautiful stone bridge, the Charles Bridge which over the gates of this Gothic and Romanesque palaces, churches particularly the St. Vitus Cathedral, appealing gardens and fortification walls, and not to mention the museums that could consume the whole day easily. You should purchase the tickets in advance and if possible, get inside the castle as early as possible because there will be long queues for what is arguably the best part of Prague Castle.

Jewish Quarter

As for the Jewish culture, the center of it all is the Jewish Quarter of Old Town with a number of historic synagogues that include the Jewish Museum’s 16th-century Spanish Synagogue, the Old Jewish Cemetery and monuments, and Pinkas Synagogue with an exhibit dedicated to victims of the Holocaust. You can follow the Jewish Quarter Itinerary to have a self-guided walking tour that is going to show you the highlights of the area.


Although not as large and well known as its counterpart on the other side of the river, Vyšehrad Castle offers a fairly compact ‘magical’ area that contains some of the oldest historical sites and tombs in Prague. Discover the beautiful rotunda formed Church of Sts. Peter and Paul church and other Cemetery Baroque Vyšehrad or a composer whose grave is located in one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world and other graves, a wide panorama of Prague, or just quiet V Pevnosti Park gardens. Unlike Prague Castle which is highly populated and comes with crowed when looking at architecture and sceneries, Vyšehrad is an ideal place to relax and view some of the best architectural designs.


Although the tourist attraction known as Old Town is considered the core of historic Prague, the Holešovice district is the more contemporary side of the city that does not deviate from its historical inspiration. Sitting across the river north of Old Town, its industrial cool is evident through the repurposed factories now made into artistic cafes and galleries, highly hip bistros, and fun art galleries that neighbor historical artsy sites such as Národní Galerie Prague. To get breathtaking views of the city cross the Stvanice island featuring urban gardens, beer houses and bars, nightclubs, and the impressive Dancing House.

Day Trips from Prague

It is easy to turn Prague into a great base from which one could take really stunning day trips to some UNESCO sites in the vicinity that would further enhance a visit to the Czech Republic. Driving for 30 minutes north, Kutná Hora offers bone church interiors that look like fantasy movie sets and a stunning Gothic cathedral St. Barbara’s. Litomyšl can be introduced as one of the most picturesque Renaissance towns in the Czech Republic, with its well-maintained historical downtown and impressive castles. Another town easily accessible by train is Karlstejn, a 40-minute train ride away, and Karlstejn Castle, Gothic and Renaissance in design sits atop a hill and has been mesmerizing visitors for centuries.

Whether one is interested in historical monuments or Jewish sights and stones of the centuries, or the recent chameleon-like rebirth of Prague as a city of creative shops and innovations, this city leaves its eternal enchantment on all those who are lucky enough to walk on its sidewalks. Have your fairy tale romance unscripted by letting yourselves get lost in the winding, romantic streets of the Tuscan city with lovely surprises at every medieval turn.