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Istanbul Turkey: Top 21 Unmissable Things To Do

Istanbul is one of the most important cities of the global style. Istanbul is situated on both Europe and Asia, separated by Bosporus, a strait; the city has been the capital of several empires and still displays numerous historical remains and vibrant life. From the architecture of mosques and religious buildings to the bright sights and sounds of the bazaars, the taste of the food to the tranquility of the coastal strip, Istanbul is an unforgettable city. Here are the top 21 things you absolutely must do when visiting Istanbul.

1. Take in Hagia Sophia – still an architectural wonder of Byzantine times This is one of the most important and stunning destinations in Istanbul: Hagia Sophia was, for more than 900 years, the world’s largest cathedral.

2. Immerse in Ottoman history in the Blue Mosque – The Blue Mosque with hand-painted blue tiles and with an area of approximately 5000 m2 was built in the 17th century as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque.

3. Vast territory of Topkapi Palace - This great palace was the imperial residence of the Ottoman sultans; it contains numerous splendid pavilions and ornamental gardens as well as a large mosque and a madrasah.

4. Explore Sultanahmet district - This is the old city center where most of the prime attractions such as the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the Sultan Ahmed Blue Mosque are located.

5. Go from Europe to Asia via the Bosphorus Bridge – This is a pedestrian and automobile bridge which is huge and a suspension bridge which provides, an excellent view of the city.

6. Get lost inside the colorful labyrinth of the Grand Bazaar – The oldest covered marketplace in the world that dates back to 1461 hosts over 3,000 shops offering gold and silver jewelry, handwoven rugs and carpets, textiles, spices, and every imaginable souvenir.

7. Ride a Bosphorus boat - Don’t miss a chance to see the romantic view of the Bosphorus strait with its beautiful architecture and palaces, and green districts.

8. look at Istanbul – A climb up this Galata Tower, originally constructed of stone back in the 14th century grants you a bird’s eye view of the old city and the new Istanbul in the distance.

9. Enjoy the magic of Turkey – Indulge in the traditions of a cleansing hamam ritual that takes place in one of the warm and inviting historical hammams of Istanbul.

10. Take a ferry ride on Golden Horn – A narrow inlet known for its Golden Horn which passes through the heart of the city with over-the-water palaces, mosques, and lively fishing harbors.

11. Experience the arts scene in Karakoyer - Karaköy was once an industrial area, they has now transformed into a prime arts area of Istanbul which has numerous indie galleries, boutiques, coffee shops, and bars you would find around.

12. Visit the colorful district of Balat – The tapestry of the city today, Balat is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul where guests can admire the wooden Ottoman houses and stone streets.

13. Savor the ocean taking seafood at Nevizade Street – Located in the exciting Beyoglu area, Nevizade straße is full of life with bars, restaurants and enticing meze locations.

14. Overlooking city at Pierre Loti Hill – This hill, dedicated to the famous French writer, is covered with pine trees and is an ideal place to watch the city’s splendid view from above the Golden Horn.

15. Learn about Istanbul Modern Museum’s modern art - This contemporary art museum has temporary exhibitions and a stunning collection of artworks located along the water.

16. Gozleme and beer at Asmali Cave in Cihangir – Cihangir is a trendy area featuring small streets, bars, art galleries, and boutiques.

17. Visit the Grand Bazaar and look for Antiques – In this colossal selling area where 4000 stores are located in 61 covered streets, find original Turkey souvenirs such as carpets, ceramics, antique jewelry, and paintings.

18. Savor a cup of Turkish coffee at Ciragan Palace Kempinski – If it is just a casual visit, it is recommendable to relax at this 19th-century palace converted into a five-star hotel at the shores of Bosphorus.

19. Take a Bosphorus dinner cruise – Take a leisurely dinner over a boat ride through A Bosporus as you feast on modern Turkish dishes.

20. Cross the Bosphorus Bridge and explore with culture and lively Ortaköy village souvenir shops and artisans, food courts for baked goods, Turkish sweets, and tea cafes.

21. Get your groove on the lively Istiklal Street - Indulge in shopping and dining in this pedestrianized avenue that popular modern Beyoglu district which boasts of nightclubs.

It is the city that has hundreds of thousands of cocktails of history, culture, food, and energy, and will blow you away with the experiences it has to offer. Out of these two top attractions which one is more evocative of the desire to visit this mesmerizing Turkish crossroads city? Welcome to Istanbul, don’t let your fun begin yet!