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top 10 things to do in los angeles for free

Hollywood is also famed for its glamour and costly amenities centering on motion picture production. However, there are still a lot of free things to do when visiting the City of Angels for people wanting to have fun without spending a lot of money. Here are the best suggestions for things that you can view and engage in at no charge in LA.

1. Walking on the Venice Beach Boardwalk

Every visitor must pay a visit to the Venice Boardwalk – an odd, electronic strip popular among the locals. The entire area is filled with artists, street performers, and vendors especially those who throng the beachfront. Lovers kiss, someone takes a picture with the clown or giant characters and someone will sit down to listen to some musician playing in the middle of the street. It has various shops and amazing street art; you will get to enjoy the sea views while enjoying the energetic pace.

2. Hike Runyon Canyon Park

To get a bird’s eye view of the city, try a moderate hike at Runyon Canyon Park in the Hollywood Hills. There are many trails that go through the park and cover an area of 160 acres where you can get to see some beautiful terrains and even the downtown LA and Hollywood sign. It is a DOG friendly park which means you will come across celebrities jogging with their dogs. Pack appropriate footwear for walking and hiking, water, and a camera.

3. Visit The Getty Center

Another place worth visiting is the stunning Getty Center which offers a great variety of world-class art for free. Located on a hilltop with spectacular views, the galleries include earlier works of European paintings, drawings, sculptures, and some collections of more recent American paintings, sculptures, and other art pieces. Outside, visit artfully manicured gardens and courtyards with fountains and architectural features that wouldn’t look out of place alongside the paintings.

4. Use the Arts District Downtown

Visit the super trendy downtown Arts District and see a number of large graffiti art murals and other street art pieces on display The old industrial warehouses have been given a new lease on life as trendy shops and galleries as well as new apartment buildings and restaurants. Even food trucks make their way to the town for the Brighton Art Walk that occurs on 2nd Thursdays with artists opening up their studios.

5. Stroll around & take a break at the Santa Monica Pier

Relax in the California beach ambiance within the century-old Santa Monica Pier since 1909. This can include playing games and enjoying the rides in the Pacific Park amusement park, having a picture taken near or beside the entrance sign, and taking photos of the Ferris wheel and the beautiful coastline in the background for the perfect Insta post. The vast stretch of the beach allows the watch and<|reserved_special_token_254|> of surfers, fishermen, and beach volleyball matches below the pier.

6. Tour Paramount Pictures Studios

Learn more about ‘the magic of the movies’ with a free self guided walking tour of Paramount Pictures Studio, Hollywood. A visit to the studios is possible with options including a look at such features as Lucy Park and Bronson Gate. On the outer fringes of stages costume designers, set builders, and stars can often be seen in action.

7. Find Out What Music Is Popular In This Area

There are more than enough opportunities to see free performances by unknowns and new faces in the clubs of Los Angeles. Band venues such as The Satellite, The Echo, and Silverlake Lounge do not require cover fees on any day. You can be lucky and watch tomorrow’s star tomorrow. Hashtag your experience of the night at L.A.’s most famous music venues.

8. Visit The Griffith Observatory

For a bird’s eye view of the city and an incredible skyline, Griffith Observatory is located in Hollywood standing 875 feet above the ground. Visit the Samuel Oschin Planetarium where you get to watch out-of-this-world shows for free. Outside, with the telescopes you can watch and embrace the spectacular view of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean at sunset or go on a hike.

9. Read about the Funky Venice Canals

Stroll through the colorful gentle canal district houses, homes of the canal area in a region of the Venice canal tour, one mile long. Take a glance at the unique neighborhood of small-shop houses located in this calm haven with boats moored in the foreground and the noisy beach strip with coffee shops and other facilities in the background. The perfect place for a leisurely walk and the air was so fresh.

10. Santa Monica 3 The people watch at the 3rd Street promenade

Visit the popular tourist attraction, 3rd Street Promenade where visitors and residents mingle and street performers entertain. This colorful locality occupies three city blocks and boasts first-rate shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, and parks, where people can enjoy performances without charge. Lounge in a cafe patio that is ideal for a wonderful people-watching experience in the afternoon.

There is just so much to do for fun throughout L.A. and it’s completely possible to have an amazing vacation without being completely penniless. The following are the top ten free things to do in LA that you should consider incorporating into your plans. Where would be the first place you would turn to for interesting and enjoyable experiences in the city?