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the 23 top attractions to visit in hong kong

Hong Kong can truly be considered as one of the most vivid and interesting places in Asia. Despite being one of the most populated cites in the world, this place has lots to discover – from a stunning skyline to beautiful nature walks. With limited time, here are 15 of the most incredible things you must experience when visiting Hong Kong.

1. Accommodation – View from Victoria Peak – There are views from the top of the Peak Tram, which is historical for Hong Kong and provides views across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and Victoria Harbour. Visit the city during the evening to see the spectacular performance of the Symphony of Lights in the building’s facade.

2. Shop on Temple Street Night Market – Have fun bargaining for clothes, souvenirs, snacks, etc. The sound of people chattering and utensils clinking against plates is considered to be intentional noise. Sample food from the food stalls; the best is to buy seafood and some other types of snacks.

3. Visit cafes for breakfast or lunch – A meal in a café is a part and parcel of Hong Kong. Here are eight categories of tasty steamed and fried small portions of food such as dumplings, buns, and rice rolls. dim sum restaurants like Lin Heung Teahouse and Tim Ho Wan.

4. Sail across Victoria Harbour on Star Ferry – costing only a couple of dollars, it is one of the most captivating rides offered anywhere in the world. Take a boat ride and get to watch the city’s skyline especially around Hong Kong during this short ride.

5. Visit the fishing district of Hong Kong – Some of the fishing villages such as Aberdeen and Tai O have a colorful view of modernity as a way of living. Visit Aberdeen to see houseboats and Tai O for stilt houses too, of course, you could try many seafood cuisines here.

6. The Hong Kong Wetland Park is another place that one can visit in Hong Kong – It features wildlife-watching trails and bird-watching blinds for the migratory birds. This beautiful wetland environment gives you a feeling of being in a completely different world even though the surroundings are fully urban.

7. Visit other islands - You can leave the cars behind by traveling to the islands that do not allow cars such as Lamma, Lantau, or Cheung Chau. Go for wildlife trekking, explore the isolated beaches, taste the seafood BBQ, or tour around the fishing towns.

8. The Central-Mid Level escalators The longer mid-level escalators measure over 800 meters making this the longest outdoor escalators in the world. Take a car and drive from one neighborhood to another while seeing some graffiti, pubs, and other spots.

9. Shop at night – Temple Street night market, Kowloon has more than a hundred shops in one building that sell electronics, clothes, snacks, etc. It is also known for fortune tellers where they will be carrying out their business. Haggle for souvenirs here!

10. Visit the giant Buddha and have veggies on Lantau Island – The Cable Car in Lantau Island offers beautiful scenic views of the runways of the airport and the South China Sea. Take a walk on the Tai Po Market Road to get a glimpse of the largest bronze statue of the Tian Tan Buddha at the Po Lin Monastery. The village next door has restaurants where one can get very good vegetarian food.

11. Enjoy a food tour in Sham Shui Po - A traditional working-class community with small family-operated restaurants and cafeterias, Sham Shui Po focuses on serving regional cuisine. Don’t just stay indoors munching on delicious food all day! Go out to explore the different streets and markets that are out there.

12. Witness horse racing at Happy Valley Racecourse – Since horse racing in Hong Kong occurs on a Wednesday night, there is no better place to watch horse racing within the city than the Happy Valley Racecourse, which is built amidst the towering buildings in the heart of the city. You can even feel the excitement of an audience that has come to see a horse race.

13. Capturing Instagram moments strolling through the lit-up roads – Hong Kong is filled with dense neon signs and billboards. Take in the nightscape of a Kowloon’s Nathan Road or take a stroll in Soho near Central.

14. Sit and enjoy street art on Tsim Sha Tsui – You can explore and enjoy arts right on the street in the Tsim Sha Tsui area of Kowloon. Acquire fresh air while admiring the beautiful sceneries of the seas and mountains.

15. Enjoy the view in urban oasis parks – Hong Kong is very good at placing some park areas between the concrete jungles. Go to a place and eat some snacks there; this place is known as Hong Kong Park and there are flamingos there. Take the opportunity to take a break at the Nan Lian Garden which is a classical Suzhou-style garden. Or just take Instagram photos with the pastel flowers in Kowloon Park during springtime.

And here you have it – a Hong Kong list to ensure that you get the best out of your Hong Kong experience. The act of merely moving around the neighborhoods and riding the efficient transport system is exciting enough. Every turn gives dramatic skyline cityscapes and neoclassical architecture, and in between, odd flashes of the European old town and nature. Get to know all the dazzling opposites that make Hong Kong Hong Kong! Have an amazing visit!