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13 top sights and attractions in munich

Munich is the capital city and as well the largest city in the German kingdom of Bavaria. It is a great place that one can really enjoy the history, culture, architecture, and the beauty of nature. Here are 13 of the top sights and attractions to see on a visit to Munich.

1. Marienplatz - This is the main town market where tourists can find the marvelous Glockenspiel Clock Tower with painted sculptures and bells. The square is never empty and is perfect to spend time watching the crowd or looking at the architecture of the centuries-old structures such as Neues Rathaus.

2. English Garden – A park in the heart of the city that boasts 400 acres of beautiful landscape for its visitors. Among the attractions the visitors can see a German beer garden on the roof of the Chinese Tower, surfers riding the waters of the Eisbach River, and vast lawns suitable for picnicking.

3. BMW Museum – Even if you are not one of many car freaks, you should definitely pay a visit to the BMW Museum, because of its futuristic design. Its architecture is quite imposing and represents the legacy of BMW in an interesting interactive manner through exhibits of key milestones in transport and design.

4. Deutsches Museum, Munich – This is the largest science and technology museum that hosts approximately 10000 objects from 50 areas of knowledge. Technological, research, as well as natural sciences, are highlighted in such ways that children and other learners can be able to learn through the various technology-based activities exhibited in the facility.

5. Nymphenburg Palace - This summer home of the royal family of Bavaria boasts of a Neoclassical facade and vast garden. Inside one can observe luxurious premises, furniture, and stuccoed decoration, and outside there is a park that will take you hours to walk.

6. Allianz Arena – Football lovers should not miss visiting one of the most advanced stadiums in the world – the Allianz Arena. It has colored light when any of the football teams of FC Bayern or TSV 1860 Munich is playing. You can take a tour of the facility and its various areas outside the field at any time of the year or watch a football game during a season.

7. Munich Residenz – This architectural landmark has been the residence of rulers of Bavaria for nearly 500 years. In addition to portraits, furniture, complex ornamentation of rooms and art, Waddesdon is home to tens of thousands of items spread across 10 yards and 130 rooms, all of which are bursting with the palace’s treasures.

8. Viktualienmarkt – except for the Viktualienmarkt, the largest open-air food market in Munich has been working for 230 years. Marve at the stalls which are scattered around buying locally grown fruits and vegetables, spices, freshly slaughtered meats, and flowers and many more. You can also buy a beer in one of the typical beer houses which are small twelve tables taverns.

9. Olympiapark – This park which was constructed in 1972 to host the Olympiachampionships combines fun activities amidst hills. Other attractions include the Olympic Stadium, Olympic Tower which has an observation deck, Sea Life Aquarium and the like.

10. Dachau Concentration Camp – A sobering day trip, Originally built in 1933, Dachau was the first concentration camp this the Nazi party in Germany. It is both emotionally touching and informative on how the prisoners were treated during the Second World War.

11. Asam Church – Adorned with frescoes, statues and a ceiling artwork that is virtually unbroken, this Baroque-style small church is a true wonder with its opulent splendor. This church was constructed in the early 18th century by two local artists known as the Asam brothers who wanted it as their own chapel.

12. The great Hofbräuhaus – It would be a crime not to taste one or two beers at this famous place in Munich. This beer hall and restaurant was established many years ago, to be precise it has been in operation since 1610. Feel the lively traditional Bavarian spirit and taste the beer from the Hofbräu brewery.

13. Munich Old Town – Enjoying the strolling in Altstadt (Old Town) one can observe the examples of gothic, renaissance and baroque architectural styles in small but cozy districts. Some of the best tourist attractions consist of the Frauenkirche church and the Heiliggeistkirche and the Altes Rathaus in the Marienplatz.

From royal palaces, stunning churches, world-class museums, vast parks, historic markets and its beer hall culture make it to become one of the most attractive tourists’ destinations of the world. This list will assist you in planning your visitif you are trying to plan out Munich’s most popular sites and attractions. Prost!