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You Won'T Believe These 5 Tourist Attractions In Melbourne!

Melbourne is also known as the ‘Cultural Capital’ of Australia, home to the mesmerizing art scene, delicious food, sport-crazy people, and diverse old and new world charm. Melbourne is the second biggest city in Australia and there is surprisingly a lot to do in this wonderful city. Considering the fact that Melbourne has a rich variety of things to do and places to see, from the labyrinths of laneways and arcades to the incredible views from the towers, the city never ceases to amaze people with its atmosphere.

In this blog post, we unmask five of the most incredulously unbelievable places that any first-time visitor to Melbourne cannot afford to miss. Take in the charm of oddball museums, tour some of the most famous sports arenas, and explore the treasures of this amazing city.

Number 1: The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel – This is the observation wheel that stands in the city of Melbourne and is the tallest of its kind which is also moving.
Located in the Docklands precinct, the Melbourne Star is a unique giant observation wheel that stretches 120 meters tall. This now-famous landmark allows guests to take a vertical train ride that offers a 360-degree view of Melbourne in a fully enclosed glass cabin. Circle the city gradually and get a view of some of the attractions including the MCC, Melbourne Park, the Docklands, the business district, and the Port Phillip Bay. Flight on the Melbourne Star which takes 30 minutes is a truly epic sight that will allow us to realize the scope of Melbourne and its attractiveness. This must not be missed by any person; what a breathtaking scene indeed!

Number 2: Queen Victoria Market An iconic market in Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market has been in operation since 1878, and it continues to be a significant tourist attraction.
Queen Victoria Market is one of the defining landmarks of Melbourne; indeed, it is the largest open-air market in the entire Southern Hemisphere. This very famous market occupies an area of 7 hectares and was established in 1878. Discover the beauty of its colorful walkways and corridors for over 600 outlets ranging from souvenir shops, novelty items, groceries, and gourmet food to organic products. This market is also well known for the food halls they also have here. Have a burger or fish and chips and maybe even grab a classic Aussie pie or sausage roll and enjoy the Free buskers that perform here. Undoubtedly, one of the coolest things to do in Melbourne with an ambiance that is beyond the realm of imagination!

Third on the list is the National Sports Museum of Australia.
The National Sports Museum is situated inside the Melbourne Cricket Ground one of the largest stadiums in Australia that hosts various types of events including cricket, football, and other sporting events. This unbelievable collection includes over 15 different forms of sports and perhaps even those who do not consider themselves as big sports fans will be amazed by this collection. Browse through the largest compilation of sporting treasures as well as trophies, equipment, uniforms, and national costumes in Australia. Or simply kick AFL goals, challenge your bowling skills, learn tennis with a hologram of Pat Cash, juggle a soccer ball like the Australian soccer hero Tim Cahill, or shoot some hoops with basketballer Lauren Jackson. A truly special one, which helps to reveal all the marvels of Australian sport!

Number 4: Old Melbourne Gaol Old Melbourne Gaol is a Victorian-era prison and it was used for confining convicts and houses parts of Melbourne’s central police station.
Imagine yourself traveling back in time to 19th century Melbourne to the Old Melbourne Gaol. This rather large bluestone building was once home to some of the country’s worst and most dangerous criminals such as the outlaw Ned Kelly. Wander over passages that have only candle lights, witness death masks and other relics that illustrate the former inmates’ experiences, and learn how prisoner life was. One can even get an inside view of Ned Kelly’s dimly lit death cell and then take a walk on the stairs that lead to the gallows – 135 men being hanged here. At the Old Melbourne Gaol, the temperature drops from the welcome and the stinging narration of crime and punishment are some of the unbelievable stories of early Melbourne.

Number 5: State Library of Victoria.
It is a large neoclassical structure, and the interior provides one of the most breathtaking experiences one can expect to encounter in an Australian library. Boasting over 2 million books, the library has high domed ceilings, all those fabulous tiered balconies, an awesome La Trobe Reading Room, and exhibits of interesting old Australian items. The attractions not to be missed include Captain Cook’s magical paper ship creations at the Queen’s Hall gallery, Burke and Wills’ plant samples collected during their disastrous trans-continental journey, Ned Kelly’s armor and the actual hide of the champion racehorse, Phar Lap. Wow, what a fantastic place for visitors to explore and find all these hidden gems!

And there you have it 5 amazing attractions in Melbourne that are often associated with a first time tourist. Whether they choose to enjoy the beauty of the city from the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel or learn about the history of Australian sports as a nation at the National Sports Museum or tour through the State Library of Victoria, or take a peep into the grim facet of history that is the Old Melbourne Gaol, or feel the pulse at the Queen Victoria Market, the visitors are guaranteed an unforgettable time exploring the wonders of this ‘Marvelous Melbourne’. Have you been to any of these incredulous sites in your own Melbourne experience? Join the conversation in the comments section below!