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Al Bahar Towers

Abu Dhabi

₹ 23,000 onwards

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Time Required : Less than 1 hour

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Also Refered As:

Al Bahr Towers

Overview of Al Bahar Towers in Abu Dhabi

Al Bahar Towers, a wonder of present-day engineering, stands as a confirmation of the brilliant mix of conventional planning and modern design. Found within the heart of Abu Dhabi, these twin towers have reshaped the city's horizon, typifying the soul of development and social veneration. This comprehensive diagram points to a dive into the different aspects of Al Bahar Towers, from their structural virtuoso to their natural commitments.

The architecture of Al Bahar Towers

The design of Al Bahar Towers is the apex of an economical plan and innovative headway. The towers are famous for their energetic 'mashrabiya' veneer, a responsive skin motivated by conventional Islamic cross-section shading screens. This area dives profoundly into the building resourcefulness behind these famous structures, looking at the mix of frame, work, and supportability that sets them apart.

Tips for Visiting Al Bahar Towers

Best Time to Visit

To escape the daytime heat and take in the facade's shifting colors, visiting Al Bahar Towers is best done in the early morning or late afternoon.

Photography Tips

Place yourself far away from the towers to get the finest photos. At different times of the day, the facade's play of light and shadow makes for fantastic photo ops.

Nearby Attractions

To make the most of your vacation, combine your visit with other neighboring attractions like the Corniche and the Louvre in Abu Dhabi.

How To Reach Al Bahar Towers

Al Bahar Towers are effortlessly opened by different modes of transport in Abu Dhabi. Whether you're picking open transport, driving, or indeed cycling, getting to the towers is helpful and direct.

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