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Pochera Waterfalls

Adilabad Telangana

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Label : Must Visit

Tags : Waterfall

Timings : 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Time Required : 1-2 Hours

Entry Fee : No Entry Fee

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Overview of Pochera Waterfalls, Adilabad

Nestled in the lush geographies of Telangana, the Pochera Falls is a stirring natural wonder in Adilabad. This spectacular waterfall isn't just a visual treat, but a testament to the untamed beauty of nature. Originating from the Kadam River, an influent of the Godavari, the Pochera Falls plunge from a height of about 20 meters, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Unlike numerous other falls, Pochera is unique in its range and the way it splits into multiple aqueducts while slinging down over jewels, forming a natural pool at the bottom.

The trip to Pochera is as alluring as the destination itself. As you cut through the thick verdure of the Sahyadri mountain range, you are saluted with a symphony of birdsongs and the soothing sound of rustling leaves. The area girding the cascade is rich in biodiversity, making it a haven for nature suckers and wildlife shutterbugs. The cascades are most lively during the thunderstorm season, when the water inflow is at its peak, turning the area into a lush, green paradise.

The original legend and history of Pochera Falls add to its mystique. It was discovered by the original ‘ Gonds ’ community and has since been a symbol of nature's unalloyed beauty. The cascade isn't just a natural magnet, but a piece of artistic heritage that resonates with the stories and lives of the people in this region.

Architecture of Pochera Waterfalls

The architecture of Pochera Falls is a phenomenon of natural art. Unlike man-made architectural prodigies, the cascade displays a masterful design drafted by the forces of nature over glories. The geological conformations around the cascade are generally basalt gemstones formed from the solidification of lava. These jewels are arranged in unique patterns, creating a series of sundecks and pools that give Pochera its distinctive appearance.

The water cascades down uniquely, splitting and coupling, creating a dynamic interplay of light and water. The sound of the water hitting the jewels and the pool below adds an audible dimension to the experience. girding the cascade, the foliage is generally tropical deciduous, with a blend of lush verdure and rugged terrain, furnishing a stunning discrepancy to the argentine white of the cascading water.

The natural pool formed at the bottom of the cascade is a serene spot, perfect for a stimulating dip. The depth of the pool varies, making it suitable for both swimmers and non-swimmers. The area around the pool has been precisely developed to insure safety while conserving the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Tips When Visiting Pochera Waterfalls

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Pochera Waterfalls is during the monsoon season, between July and October. This is when the falls are in full flow, surrounded by lush greenery.

Safety Precautions

Always stay on the marked trails and follow the safety signs. Swimming in the natural pool is allowed but be cautious of the depth and current.

Travel Essentials

Carry waterproof gear, comfortable footwear, and a change of clothes. Don’t forget to bring water and some snacks.

How To Reach Pochera Waterfalls
Pochera Waterfalls is accessible by street from Adilabad. The closest town is Neredikonda, from where the falls are approximately 10 kilometers away. You'll be able to drive down or take a transport to Neredikonda, and after that, contract a nearby taxi to the falls. The closest railroad station is in Adilabad, and the closest airport is Hyderabad's  Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. From there, you'll be able to lease a car or utilize open transport to reach the waterfalls.

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Faq on Adilabad

Where are Pochera Waterfalls located?

Pochera Waterfalls are located near Neredigonda Mandal in Adilabad district, Telangana, India.

What is the best time to visit Pochera Waterfalls?

The best time to visit Pochera Waterfalls is during the monsoon season, from July to September, when the water flow is at its peak and the surroundings are lush green.

Are there any entry fees for visiting Pochera Waterfalls?

Yes, there is a nominal entry fee for visiting Pochera Waterfalls. The fee may vary for adults and children.

Can we swim in Pochera Waterfalls?

Swimming is not allowed in Pochera Waterfalls due to safety reasons. The currents can be strong and unpredictable.

Is it safe to visit Pochera Waterfalls during the rainy season?

It is not advisable to visit Pochera Waterfalls during heavy rains as the area can become slippery and the water flow can be dangerous.