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10 Top Attractions Cincinnati, OH Last Updated 2024

Right on the opposite side of the river, in Cincinnati's downtown, Newport on the Levee is an entertainment district. Have a drink at one of the neighborhood microbrews outside a public area with eateries and stages for live music and activities. New businesses and attractions become increasingly varied: arcade drinking places, comedy clubs, aquaria, and escape rooms.

1. Findlay Market

This is the oldest public market in Ohio, which opened its doors in 1851 and offers more than a hundred merchants, who supply the freshest products like fruits, meat, flowers, bread, and others. Stroll through the Reds’ ballpark home tour the red brick architecture of the adjacent market and try goetta, local sausage, and Cincinnati chili. It is also located near various restaurants, cafes, and shops that mostly fall in the casual and modern styles.

2. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

This is a delightful zoo that was established in 1875 making it only second to the nation’s oldest zoo. To catch a glimpse of gorillas, to pet stinging rays, to observe white lions, and to meet the famous reptiles in the house. It also has been equipped with a variety of galleries dedicated to the inhabitants of the region and a rain forest in a glass case. Outside you could also walk through a beautiful garden full of flowers and plants of various hues and fragrances.

3. American icon: National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

This strong museum provides various details regarding the struggle for liberty and the background of the Underground Railroad. Realistic exhibits and extensive documentation present the heroic fight for the deserving audience. The Center also has temporary exhibitions to deal with the contemporary concerns of abolition and social justice.

4. Smale Riverfront Park

A beautiful park located on the banks of the Ohio River, this is one of the best parks that are found in Cincinnati. Children will surely enjoy the splash park and the maze gardens as well as the free playground. Adults may want to check out the park’s boat rental services where one can hire a kayak reserve a riverside lounger or go for a themed boat ride on the river. For leisure purposes, there are also leisure walking/biking paths, concert arenas, and some seasonal celebrations.

5. Cincinnati Museum Center

Housed in the stunning Art Deco Union Terminal building, this massive museum complex contains three major attractions: The Cincinnati History Museum and children's museums such as the Museum of Natural History & Science, etc. Discover Cincinnati’s boomtown heritage, investigate an ice-age mammoth, and ride and explore an HO train for yourself.

6. Cincinnati Reds Baseball

Watch the oldest professional baseball team in the nation at home in the Great American Ball Park located on the Ohio River. Opt for a game between April to September for a more thrilled feeling. Or visit the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum for an extensive knowledge of the team’s history.

7. Washington Park

This elaborately reclaimed Victorian-era park stands as the thriving nucleus of Over-the-Rhine. It creates a feeling of people watching as one moves around gardens and lawns that are enhanced with fountains and monuments. Visit the event calendar – there is always something on – music, yoga, a movie night, and food trucks, to name but a few.

8. Cincinnati Art Museum

A creation of the industrialist Henry Edwards Huntington the Huntington Library was established in 1881 and owns over 67000 art pieces dating back 6000 years. Stroll through galleries featuring art originating from different regions and special interest collections. Are you in a region, don’t forget to take time to experience some of the locals’ favorites such as the Cincinnati Wing where there are pieces by artists from the area.

9. Eden Park

However, it is possible to get out of the city’s grip at this rolling green oasis with spectacular city vistas. The park’s most striking monument is the Krohn Conservatory which overlooks the city from a hill and encompasses formal tropical gardens and plants, flower shows, and stunning landscapes displayed in glass greenhouses. Outdoors, experience the beauty of hiking through forest paths, and around lakes and lawns which feature sculptures.

10. Newport on the Levee

There is a place to have fun called Newport on the Levee. It is right across the river in Newport, which is close to downtown Cincinnati. Have a drink at one of the small breweries in the area while sitting in an open-air park with restaurants and stages for live music and events. More and different kinds of new stores and activities are opening up, like bars in arcades, comedy clubs, aquariums, and secret rooms.

With this extensive list of museums, parks, attractions, and neighborhoods, Cincinnati guarantees travelers of 2024 a vacation to look forward to with much to discover. From baseball games to exploring the history of the underground railroad, from zoos to art museums, there are things for children, their parents, adults, and every individual to do, see, and appreciate.