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21 Best Places in Portugal for Solo Travel

Traveling alone in Portugal is a great idea because the country is so diverse and has a lot to offer. The place is filled with an impressive history, unique culture, beautiful sceneries, and hospitable people, not to mention the diverse activities that the place has to offer. Whether you are exploring its metropolitan capital city or a quaint village, enjoying rich cuisine and local wine, or hiking through breathtaking landscapes, Portugal has something to offer any lone wanderer. 

1. Lisbon

This city boasts fabulous museums, ruins, Gothic cathedrals, exciting nightlife, and everything in between waiting to be explored by the solo traveler. Stroll along the narrow and steep alleys of Alfama, take a ride on traditional trams, or sit in one of the cafes watching the live streaming of the Tagus River.

2. Porto

The beautiful hilly city of Porto in the northern part of Portugal comprises grand bridges over the Douro River, port wine cellars for wine tasting, and seafood restaurants. The small adventurous lone rangers, may walk around the fascinating narrow streets or take beautiful river tours around Porto.

3. Sintra

It is a small town easily accessible by train from Lisbon, and it captivates the guests with its picturesque pink and yellow palaces and castles looming in the green forests and mountains. Independent travelers will find it especially enjoyable to stroll through opulent sites such as Pena Palace to the sounds of leisurely music and playful laughter.

4. Algarve

From living beach and resort areas to quiet fishing villages spread along beautiful coastlines and up to the inland hill-top towns the Algarve offers much that a single traveler can enjoy exploring at his/her own pace. Visit this marvelous place to go on boat trips to observe the peculiarly shaped rocks, sea grotto, or a group of dolphins, ride great waves with a surfboard, or simply take a rest near the sea eating grilled sardines and drinking wine and observing the beautiful landscapes.

5. Coimbra

This engaging university town has impressive Baroque churches and monasteries, art museums with local archeological and artistic treasures, lively taverns with haunting fado music, and well-tended Baroque formal botanical gardens—a good place for a single traveler with an interest in history and art.

6. Óbidos

The beautiful little town of Óbidos seems to be from a different era entirely with the medieval walls wrapped around a network of narrow hilly one-way streets filled with tiles and plants. Tourists arrive here single or in groups and families, and the walled city offers a blissful rambler’s paradise for the single traveler.

7. Nazaré

The long sandy beaches and the high cliffs that dominate the coast give excellent conditions to the town of Nazaré. Unlike group tourists, single travelers can quietly lie on the beach and enjoy the view of the colorful fishing boats in the harbor or watch the skilled local surfers riding one of the biggest waves in the world on the coast of the Praia do Norte beach.

8. Lagos

This is a beautiful resort town that has beautiful beaches that are located between the beautiful colored cliffs, a well-preserved historic city center that is great for exploring, perfect surfing conditions for beginners, and schools for singles that would like to learn to surf as well as many restaurants and fun nightlife to meet other travelers.

9. Évora

Overlooking Évora, a charming university town of Gothic cathedrals and medieval walls that are mostly preserved, numerous alleys with boutiques and cafes for lone wolves. Also around are some of the most unspoiled Roman remains in Portugal which can be explored at Templo Romano.

10. Douro Valley

For scenic views for the lone traveling, there exist boat cruises through the meandering canyons that overlook the numerous vineyards that are cultivated on the slopes or a romantic train ride through this beautiful wine-producing region, wine trips, and visits to the numerous wine-tasting stations along the Douro River.

11. Aveiro

Known as the ‘Venice of Portugal’, the city of Aveiro is blessed with major arteries that have boats, similar to gondolas, zipping through them. Single travelers in Riga can go for boat cruises along the banks, observe Art Nouveau architecture, and find fresh seafood vendors. It is just as a good idea to take a walk on the neighboring beaches and salt pans.

12. Braga

Sightseeing, culture, and history lovers will have an impressive number of attractions to see in this outstanding city with the historic cathedral, Bourbon-style palace, and one of the most significant Baroque shrines in Portugal Along with architecture and history, this city offers the solo travelers numerous opportunities to experience the local life visiting markets, cafes an,d bars.

13. Guimarães

Often referred to as the ‘City of the Kings’ and essentially viewed as the cradle of Portugal, the town of Guimarães has managed to preserve many features of the medieval landscape; with hilly small windy streets leading to open squares where history museums are placed so that travelers going solo can get to understand the genesis of this country. For an aerial perspective of the city, climb to the top of the Guimarães castle to overlook the red-tile roofs of the city.

14. Madeira Island

Madeira is an island that seems to be painted into a tropical paradise with green mountains, caves to visit, beautiful Levada trails for a scenic walk through Madeira’s picturesque waterfalls, and the beautiful capital, Funchal to stroll in. This means that it is perfect here for the solo traveler at any time of the year due to the lovely climate.

15. Elvas

Located close to the Spanish border just east of the Alentejo region, Elvas still has impressive 17th-century Dutch-style bastion and ramparts surrounding this small but historically attractive town. Voters and tourists who are single travelers focusing on military structures and the history of defensive walls will find it convenient to visit Elvas.

16. Monsanto

This is nothing but a fairy tale – this extremely well-preserved medieval village was carved right into the rocks and huge granite outcrops. For example, single traveling teams can ascend stone stairs and reach the top of this region where there are stunning outlooks over crooked houses and chapels.

17. Covilhã

Located at the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, walking and trekking enthusiasts will find Covilhã conveniently located with good trails single travelers can go up to the highest point of the park. In town, you may visit a wool or silk museum that provides information on this area’s involvement in the textile industry for centuries.

18. Tomar

Located in the county of Tomar, along the river Nabão, are dining, shopping, and the marvelous castle-like Convento do Cristo with the medieval architecture of its cloisters, tunnels, and the church of Charola –a unique templar rotunda especially attractive to single travelers.

19. Sesimbra

Just forty kilometers south of Lisbon, Sesimbra sits with the lovely beach fronted by the inconspicuous Moorish castle, and fine seafood restaurants that offer fresh catches, and a few kilometers away lies the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park with great hiking, caving, canyoning, and touring that single travelers can easily do.

20. Faial Island, Azores

Among all the Volcanic Islands in the stunning archipelago of the Azores, Faial Island is preferred by a higher percentage of single travelers due to stunning nature views and the main city of Horta. It would be quite interesting to trek through Lagoa do Caleiro, or Caldeira do Faial, enjoy the warmth at Porto Pim, or even spend some time with friends at Peter’s Café Sport.

21. Tavira

Tavira is a beautiful town that lies across the Gilão River in southern Portugal’s sunny Algarve region and holds much history, is incredibly calm, and has scrumptious cuisine. The Roman bridge remains here single travelers can take a walk and click photos of the beautiful lighted houses or you can try the fresh seafood at the central market. And nearby there are interesting beaches such as Ilha de Tavira and playing fields for golfing.

From the ancient castles to the picturesque villages, entailing the romantic cities, scrumptious food and wine, fabulous sceneries, and friendly Portuguese people, Portugal offers the solo traveler a world of enchantment and discovery at every turn. Stay as you wish, interact with people, find quiet spots or challenging activities, have beautiful experiences, and become a new person as you unveil various gifts and beauty that this beautiful country possesses.