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17 Great Places to Visit in the US in February

February is a good month for traveling in the United States of America because the weather is fine and there are not many people and low prices at many famous places. Below is a list of 17 exotic tourist attractions to visit in the United States during February.

1. Miami, Florida

February also has good weather in Miami as it receives warm and sunny days with an average high of 76 degrees. The prescribed sites and activities are delightful but not during the summer when the prices are high and the streets fill with tourists. Visit the newly hip Wynwood Arts District, take a selfie in front of the colorful houses of Ocean Drive, and taste some real Cuban food. February is also a very busy month in terms of concerts, cultural activities, and festivals.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

Mardi Gras is a carnival that is usually held in late February or early March in New Orleans and comprises parades, balls, and street celebrations that are characterized by costuming. There is jazz, great cuisine, and architecture, and of course, there are always the flamboyant pink flamingoes at the Audubon Zoo.

3. Charleston, South Carolina

February is generally mild in Charleston and while days are warm with sunshine to give a romantic tinge to the place, the evenings are cool to take long strolls in its historic area. The famous gardens of the city are in full bloom with flowers and plants flourishing in the spring season. Relax, indulge in the fine dining opportunities, explore shopping malls, visit the historical plantations, and go on harbor cruises.

4. Scottsdale, Arizona

February has temperatures in the high 70s which makes it ideal for a round of golf, hiking, and outdoor dining with a view of the patio in Scottsdale. Visit Saguaro National Park for some pictures with the massive cacti or check out more than 100 galleries in Art District Old Tucson.

5. Death Valley, California

The temperature during summer may be unbearable but during our February visit, it averages 72°F which makes the place ideal for exploring. Go for an adventurous trek over the dunes, canyons, and badlands and get a perfect view of the night sky, as the park is one of the darkest national parks in the country.

6. Tucson, Arizona

Tucson loves sunshine, cool evenings, and lovely flowers that bloom in the desert and ranges, these include the spectacular orange poppies in February. Head to Saguaro National Park for huge cacti and go for a walk in the impressive Sonoran region. Enjoy the lively Southwestern culture and history with the museums, galleries, the stone Mission San Xavier del Bac, and good Mexican food.

7. Orlando, Florida

Although people may associate Orlando with the summertime, the Ohio State Fair, and other famous conventions the month of February offers fewer visitors and perfect weather for park strolls and picnicking in Florida. Walking around, shopping in stores, avoiding studios and Walt Disney World longer lines, or going out and taking a round at one of the beautiful golf courses in the area.

8. Washington DC

When Capital Hill is back from the winter break, enjoy the great attractions such as the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and all the free museums of the Smithsonian in Washington DC during February without the scorching heat of summer. Catch a performance at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts or an eclectic show at the 9:It is also a member of 30 Club, which is an association of internet retail companies with thirty or more workers.

9. San Diego, California

Fortunately, February is one of San Diego’s warmest months, with high temperatures generally hovering between 65 degrees Fahrenheit. San Diego attractions such as the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld have similar conditions, possessing somewhat fewer crowds in the ‘off-season’, but still providing a plethora of animals, performances, and attractions. Spend the day sunbathing at the beach, have a meal at a local restaurant, and check out areas such as Little Italy and the Gaslamp District.

10. Kauai, Hawaii

Skiing during winter can be so tiring, but escape to Hawaii’s Kauai and be welcomed by warm air and water for snorkeling and swimming throughout the year. Stroll through the scenic lookout while on the magnificent Waimea Canyon, watch whales in the ocean in the distance, or just lay back and enjoy the beauty of Kauai’s beaches.

11. Sedona, Arizona

While it may be a bit chilly in February, there is no better time to witness the magnificent red rocks of Sedona since tourists are scarce. Traverse through the tundra on the back of a horse, ride in a hot air balloon in the morning, or even simply take a stroll through the canyons between the sandstone cliffs. Take a peek at the Native American culture and arts, as well as experience spirituality in the region.

12. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah’s February temperature is in the mid-60s and it is favorable for visiting this historical place covered by moss trees. Stroll through some of the city’s lush green parks, visit old southern plantations, shop for novelty, enjoy some jazzy tunes, or simply feast on some real home-cooked southern delicacies.

13. Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona

As for climate, if you wish to avoid extreme heat, but still be in the warm desert, the best time to visit Phoenix and Scottsdale is in February. It is rather warm with low 70s more suitable for playing golf, hiking Camelback Mountain, or visiting the Old Town Scottsdale for art galleries and boutiques. Wander to see a spring training match or enjoy stunning desert views in one of the cities’ numerous resorts.

14. Puerto Rico

In February, Puerto Rico’s climate is warm and pleasant with an average of 80F and exciting carnival activities before Lent. Apart from the funky street parties, parades, and Fireworks shows, there is a lot more to explore the warm tropical beaches, colonial streets, adventurous activities, and all those, it is always summer in Tobago, but you don’t want it during summer storms.

15. Atlanta, Georgia

February also has mild pleasant weather in Atlanta to visit some of the best attractions including the world-class aquarium, a modern art museum, the home of MLK Jr., the vibrant neighborhoods of Little Five Points, and the delicious of Atlanta’s up-and-coming dining scene. The city also has a Black History Month celebration; The Black History Month event.

16. Asheville, North Carolina

To fill your artistic soul with music, food, and beautiful nature visit Asheville, North Carolina in February, when tourist crowds are much less and the mountains look marvelous. Take a tour of the Biltmore Estate, browse the art houses and stores in downtown Asheville, and savor local beers food adventure cool.

17. New York City

There is still cold, but there is no сold is as bad as in January, so if you want to check out as many of the famous sights, art galleries, and mouthwatering restaurants that New York has to offer, you’ll save money and have more fun in February. Experience thrilling basketball with the NBA or ice hockey with the NHL and watch live theatre performances or go for a relaxing walk in the charming Central Park. Favored tours and attractions also tend to have fewer people around before the onset of the spring or summer travel rush.

Open for tourism in February, there are many wonderful places to visit in America due to its cooler temperatures and low tourist traffic. Where will you go?


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