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13 Unique Weekend Places to Visit in Florida

The Sunshine State is a leading travel destination for domestic and foreign tourists because of its amazing coastline, fun-filled parks, natural parks, and great cities. Although there are many well-known hot spots in Florida such as Miami, Orlando, and the Florida Keys very beautiful and interesting places can be found in Florida for a weekend getaway. 

1. St. Augustine

Originally founded by the Spaniards in the sixteenth century, the city of St. Augustine in northern Florida is the first European settlement region in America. Workers should spend a whole weekend seeing Spanish castles like the Castillo de San Marcos, meandering through St. Augustine's cobblestone streets, and trolley-based city tour. Indeed, you may see the native home of the creatures in the Anastasia State Park or arrange a ghost trip to learn about the darker side of the city.

2. Little Havana in Miami

This is not a negative thing because, in a sense, you may enjoy Cuban culture without visiting Cuba. With the most Cuban population outside of Cuba, Miami's Little Havana district is a thriving community reflecting Cuban life. Spend Sunday morning in Havana with a coffee Cubano observing and listening in front of actual Cubans. Nightlife: Salsa dancing among mojitos and other beverages at a Latino bar/restaurant.

3. Sanibel & Captiva Islands

These two are barrier islands situated off the coast of Florida on the Gulf Coast and are ideal for a relaxing vacation with the wonderful sandy coastline. Hire bicycles and explore the city and its surrounding areas from the beach to wildlife sanctuaries in the weekend. Gather various types of shells which are available on the shore. It is also one of the places one can easily encounter dolphins in their natural environment.

4. Everglades National Park

Get a glimpse of the ever-proud American alligators and crocodiles, flamingos, manatees, and more when you take a flight through the famous Florida Everglades by an airboat or a kayak. Hear a ranger-led walk or bike ride and understand the various fauna and flora in this unusual national park. Spend the night in a tent or with other camping gear.

5. St. Pete Beach

There are also great beaches on the Gulf Coast that have soft white sand and the St. Pete Beach area also boasts good art and cultural amenities and good food on the sands. Visit the island for a dolphin-watching tour and lunch on board the boat before returning to the hotel for some peace and tranquility at the beachfront resort. The Gulfport Seafood & Music Festival which is completely free is on in the evening.

6. Fort Lauderdale

Famously featuring canal systems that mimic Venice with mega yachts nearby and has in recent years marketed itself as a hub for arts, culture, and food. Visit the NSU Art Museum to immerse yourself in the masterpieces of the art world before a sumptuous lunch on Las Olas Boulevard. Soak up the sun and take a break on the sand while planning a craft brewery tour.

7. Naples

On the Gulf Coast, the Naples area has all the makings of a great beach scene as well as the trappings of a lavish lifestyle. Before delving into shopping on Fifth Avenue, enjoy the sunrise as you take a stroll along the beach. It then proceeds to the Botanical Garden for a view of flowers and plants then goes to a perfect 5-star restaurant for dinner before going to watch a show at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts.

8. Amelia Island

Located only half an hour's drive away from Jacksonville, Amelia Island is a perfect destination for a destination as it has thirteen miles of coast which are surrounded by forests. Several options include going on a weekend kayaking trip, horseback riding on the beach, or having a Segway tour in a creekside area. Go to sleep in comfy B&Bs and trendy boutique resorts with front porches to laze around on.

9. Cedar Key

Remote like a small island, it can only be reached by boat or over a beautiful causeway and the visitor can enjoy the area surrounded by gulf coast wildlife refuges. Such a destination offers great opportunities for fishing, kayaking, hiking, and cycling within a weekend trip. Hang out sunbathing, seashell hunting, or simply book reading on the beach before you indulge in delicious seafood meals borrowed from the islands as the sun sets over the seas.

10. Winter Park

This city provides brick-paved roads lined with shops, art galleries, other shops, and some of the best restaurants in the country. Visit art galleries and museums before dining on Michelin-star winners and outstanding restaurant dishes. Make you hungry by cycling on the available bicycles to enjoy rides on clean, calm, and beautiful lakes that have fountains.

11. Mount Dora

Another lakeside option for the Orlando weekend, Mount Dora enchants by its New England atmosphere. Unlike other cities that have sprawling urban centers, the downtown of this city is walkable and situated around Lake Dora, making the experience quite reminiscent of some of the vintage American towns with antique shops, eateries, and independent bookstores at the corner. Blow off some steam browsing through the counting of merchandise, sampling creative dishes prepared with farm fresh ingredients, and strolling along the beautiful wooden promenade.

12. St. George Street in St. Augustine

The oldest city in the U.S. does not need an additional introduction since visitors can explore the historic St. George Street. These are located on the pedestrian-only Street which gives you easy access to such landmarks as Castillo de San Marcos and Flagler College. Walk past trollies and tours and be able to stroll through taverns, boutiques, and cafes as leisurely as one wishes for a whole weekend, surrounded by the feeling of old Europe.

13. Apalachicola

Ensconced amid Florida’s Forgotten Coast, this quaint fishing village is the epitome of Old Florida. No skyscrapers and packed shoreline experiences here. Enjoy your weekend with leisure activities such as kayaking through the estuaries that are full of various marine life, hiking through preservation areas, and beach, and fishing piers that are not congested by people. Seafood dishes, which should be as fresh as possible, can be ordered at dinner, while the view on the waterfront marina.

Aside from the major attractions the state has much to offer from lush Everglades to beautiful Keys and miles of fabulous beaches; there are numerous charming towns and places for wonderful weekend escapes. Whether you fancy lazing on the beach, exploring history and culture, enjoying the finest gourmet attractions, or escaping to natural parks, forests, and wildlife, you will discover more locations for more different weekend getaways across Florida.