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10 Top Tourist Attractions Must-See's in Southport NC

Southport, North Carolina is an adorable seaside town situated on the Cape Fear River and is just a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean. As a result of its places features, which include; historical buildings, natural environment, and the nautical feel of the place, Southport is a famous tourist destination. 

1. Southport Waterfront Park

Located at 2 Yacht Basin Street, Southport, this park is excellent for viewing the Cape Fear River, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the historical Yacht Basin. The historic sailor's memorial statue, barbeque facilities, picnic grounds, and watching boats passing by are other popular areas. They also can be used for festivals and markets which are also a common occurrence in the park.

2. Bald Head Island

Though it only has a boat service to get visitors to and from the island, this is one of the most picturesque islands along the Carolinas; there are no automobiles or tall structures on the island. Discovering the 14-mile-long, untouched sandy beaches, marshes, and marine forest will be simpler if you ride a tram or hire a golf cart to go around the island.

3. Fort Johnston

Southport Museum & Visitors Center – explore the history and heritage of Southport, North Carolina one of the oldest towns in the state. Some of the notable items on display include those that are unique to the Fort Johnston, a Revolutionary War structure, and the fishing industry of the area. It is also important that you pick up a walking tour map, while in the city.

4. Old Brunswick County Jail

Some of the famous prisoners were incarcerated here when this building was a functional jail in 1904, including the author of the “Staircase Murder”, Michael Peterson. One can take a guided tour to experience the prisoners’ and condemned prisoners’ cells as well as the gallows themselves and to discover more about its dark past.

5. Old Smithville Burying Ground

This burial ground was created in around 1792 and the number of gravestones exceeds a hundred; Some of the graves are marked on Revolutionary War soldiers. It is possible to walk here and get a glimpse into the early history of Southport if one is to do so silently.

6. Franklin Square Park & Riverwalk

This park is riverfront and has very pretty views and places to sit and admire the scenery which is the Cape Fear River. Riverwalk covers over a mile, passing by several restaurants and shops along the harbor.

7. North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport

North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport offers a detailed collection of maritime history of the Cape Fear area including Native American dugout canoes, Civil War weapons, and more. These include; special exhibits, which include service exhibits, museum collections, photo exhibits, boat models, and many others. Other activities that may be implied in the daily programs are crafts, guest speaking, and demonstrations.

8. Southport – Brunswick County

North Carolina Courthouse: This is a National Historic Landmark building that was constructed in 1725 and serves as the home of the Southport Art Gallery. Go see the art galleries or simply gaze at the Georgian & Federal style buildings.

9. Southport Pier & Riverfront

Located in North Carolina and extending about 1,000 feet over Cape Fear, the Southport Pier offers the best vantage point to enjoy the delight of the riverfront. Lounge on benches at the end of the bank and catch the fish like the natives or watch ships sailing through the channel.

10. Riding around Southport

This one is self-explanatory as various types of tours including horse-drawn carriages, open-air trucks, and boat cruises are other ways of getting an initial feel of Southport. Or, you could try taking a ghost tour or a film location tour just to spice things up and turn history into an adventure.

From antebellum mansions to shops, restaurants, nearby golf courses, and fishing charters – the list can go on and on all the while Southport is lovely to visit. As such, it will be possible to appreciate Haines as a natural wonder for lovers of nature, a historical place for history enthusiasts, and, fascinatingly, for lovers of the beach this town is located by the river.