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10 Romantic Places to Visit in France for Couples

France for example is famous for lovers all over the world. From charming countryside villages to elegant cities and delicious food and wines, not to forget the beautiful landscapes, it is no wonder that France has always been a favorite couple destination. Here is a list of the ten most romantic spots in France any couple should try to visit.

1. Paris

Of course, there is no need to list all the romantic locations in France, as the very name Paris is associated with love. Another experience every couple should try out is; a romantic walk along the Seine river, eating lunch in one of the beautiful parks and gardens, visiting some of the most beautiful places in Paris such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, and having a candlelight dinner at a romantic bistro. And that’s not even close – The city boasts world-class art museums, good shopping venues, pleasant canal rides, and picturesque lanes for aimless strolls.

2. Provence

Boasting some of the most attractive sceneries, hilltop towns, lavender fields, and, of course, rosé wine, Provence is nothing less than the epitome of the charming French countryside. Stroll along farmers markets of Provence, take time to admire the ruins of the medieval town, try the smell and taste of roses and lavender, and don’t skip the delicious Provence lunch at the local cafes. Also, the beautiful towns of Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, and St. Remy serve as perfect starting points to explore further for couples.

3. Loire Valley

The chateaux associated with a beautiful fairytale are located along the river Loire so it is perfect for couples. Visit stately castles side by side with Chambord, Chenonceau, and Azay-le-Rideau as well as other palaces enjoy the splendor of architecture and interior design of castles, and try to guess how people used to live there. Stroll around stately and grand formal gardens with roses and fountains or tree-lined avenues and enjoy picnicking near the riverside; you can even spend a night in the Castle of your dreams for the best of romantic experience.

4. Strasbourg

Unique to its setting on the border of France and Germany, Strasbourg retains the best of both cultures – the French and the Germanic. You can go for a slow boat ride on the Ill River passing through the heart of the Alsace region, visit one of the most stunning cathedrals in Europe, stroll around the Carrefour d’Octroy with its half-timbered houses in bloom with geraniums, or simply nibble on pastries bought in small patisserie shops of the city. When it is night, the beauty of Strasbourg's ancient architecture with the lights from the lamp makes a perfect romantic scene.

5. Lyon

Of course, Lyon became famous for its cuisine inviting couples to try numerous restaurants offering exquisite French meals, but there are also many romantic areas in the city such as the old districts located along the Saône River or the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière. Take a leisurely walk through the various parks and gardens of Lyon; buy some wine and cheese for a romantic picnic at the daily food market by the Saône River; and finally, end the night with some lemonade at the top of Fourvière Hill, overlooking Lyon at dusk.

6. Mont St Michel

Looking like a castle that rose straight from the sea and dominating this mysterious monument is one of the most remarkable pieces of medieval architecture – the Mont St Michel, also known as the Marvel of the Occident. Stroll through the old city holding hands with your loved one along the cobblestone streets that used to be part of the old fortifications, pass the charming shops and crêpe stand, and then ascend through the car-free streets to the top to visit the abbey, and take in the breathtaking view of the bay in all directions. Most especially when one can walk around Mont St Michel when it is an island from the high tide, which makes this among the most romantic places in France.

7. A very pleasant piece of work on Nice & the French Riviera.

The Mediterranean Sea side is a collection of beautiful resorts that blossom in the Belle Epoque with the Southern Alps at the back providing a breathtaking backdrop. Follow the boulevard depicted in the film along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea during the evening, wander through the narrow and twisted streets of the old town of Nice, walk through the colorful and bold buildings of the southern French resort of Cannes, or find yourself in the local markets filled with flowers and fresh vegetables. Some of the known features include the village of Èze perched on the cliff, the prosperous principality of Monaco, and the drive nicknamed the ‘Golden Corniche’ along the rocky coastline where cliff-top communities huddle.

8. Annecy

Annecy lives up to its nickname of ‘Venice of the Alps’ because of the Thiou river that flows through the town, turning it into a canal city with cobbled streets, archaic buildings, and stunning canals. Go for a boat ride in a rented rowing boat go under bridges and pastel buildings enjoy a coffee at an open-air café by the canal and walk through the small winding cobblestone streets with flowers. And what a sight seeing the French Alps rising in the background to put it all to the background to put it in perspective it is magical, to say the least.

9. Colmar

Located in the wine-making region of Alsace in northeastern France, the delightful town of Colmar is one of the region’s best-preserved medieval towns and boasts stunning, brightly painted half-timbered houses, and picturesque canals complete with wooden bridges, and café culture that would make the French capital jealous. Buy sandwiches or a light meal in one of the fine bakeries or gourmet food stores in Colmar and then choose a hidden spot in a city park by a canal or in a garden for a marriage-style meal.

10. Bordeaux Wine Region

The home of the best wines is always an essential romantic destination in France, especially for couples who are wine enthusiasts. Have a picnic in the heart of vineyards, spend a night in a vineyard hotel, bike or cycle through some of the spectacular chateaux, wine shops, and cellars for wine tasting and more wine, and vineyard lunches that are as leisurely and indulgent as the full-bodied Bordeaux or the sweet Sauternes wine. To top off the day, enjoy a beautiful sunset from the balcony of your vineyard cottage with a glass of wine in hand, all while in an area of rural France that seems untouched by tourism.