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Best 7 Places to Visit Washington State Where to Go?

Washington State is one of the states in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States of America and this state has one of the most topographically diverse regions of the country ranging from the west’s temperate rainforests to the eastern state’s mountain ranges. From ocean beaches, islands, national parks, cosmopolitan cities, and small mountain towns, there are indeed many unique and interesting places to visit in Washington. 

1. Seattle

Seattle is the largest city in Washington and a highly urbanized city in the Seattle metropolitan area in the north of Washington between Puget Sound and Lake Washington. Famous attractions such as the Space Needle, the Clam, the market, Chihuly Glass and Gardens, and the Museum of Pop Culture among others make Seattle among the top destinations to visit. Experience the city’s maritime atmosphere by wandering along the waterfront riding the Seattle Great Wheel, or savoring great coffee and beer, or fresh seafood. Days out it is possible to go whale watching, hiking in the Cascade or Olympic Mountains, or visit the Boeing plant.

2. San Juan Islands

There are hundreds of islands in the San Juan Islands which is an archipelago in the northwest part of Washington state. Four major islands are reachable via a ferry from Anacortes these include San Juan, Orcas, Lopez, and Shaw. These islands have a laid-back lifestyle with small fishing harbors, farms, wine estates, lavender farms, whale watching, non-motorized boat trips, walks, and drives. A portion of the land and shoreline is under protection at the San Juan Islands National Monument.

3. Mount Rainier National Park

The behemoth Mount Rainier presides in the park that is situated just a few hours’ drive away from Seattle. The mountain has 26 big glaciers and beautiful flower fields during the summer months. Hike in the day along the trails that are well developed, and then camp either in the park or outside in the night. Services and trails of visitors are mostly found in Paradise, an area within the national park. Some of the other areas that can be visited include Sunrise, Carbon River, and Ohanapecosh.

4. Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park preserves more than 900,000 wild and beautiful lands and waters in the Olympic Peninsula. It preserves 5,658 square miles of temperate rainforests, coastline, and the Olympic mountains, which were created by glaciers. Take a walk along the shores of the Pacific Ocean and enjoy beachcombing, surfing, and kayaking. The Hoh Rainforest is one of the popular attractions in the region where many tourists visit. Five different eco-zones of different landscapes are represented in the area and the hiking trails go up through each of them. It is home to Roosevelt elk, black bear, and other wildlife and one must be on the lookout for these animals when exploring the park.

5. Spokane

Spokane is the second largest city in Washington State which is located in the eastern region of the state. It boasts of its beautiful business district with restaurants, a shopping mall, and other interesting places such as Riverfront Park and the large Manito Park of approximately one hundred acres. The city also has many things to do and see from kayaking in the urban area by Spokane River to hiking in the bushes as well as gorges of Illinois River. Hiking to the Woldson Theater, exploring the Northwest Museum of Art and Culture, and visiting the Davenport Hotel.

6. Walla Walla

Vineyard wineries and tasting rooms make Walla Walla in southeast Washington well-known. Try wine tasting on a trip through vineyard-covered rural towns and communities. Among the better and most well-known wineries are L'Ecole, Woodward Canyon, and Waterbrook. Along with restaurants, stores, art galleries, and fine cafés, Walla Walla has a wonderful downtown area.

7. Leavenworth

Located in the middle of the state, Leavenworth, Washington seems to be an American Bavarian town with rich Old World architectural style and ambiance. Among the fun activities available are river tubing, treks, rock climbing, horseback riding, skiing, and snowboarding. There are social attractions such as the village Christmas lighting festival, Maifest, as well as Oktoberfest. Leavenworth also boasts wonderful accommodations and numerous eateries specializing in German cuisine and even souvenir shops offering handmade goods, foods, and other knick-knacks.

From magnificent mountains, unique islands, and lush forests to excellent recreational facilities and services, the cities of Washington State have it all, clearly showing that there is so much to see and do on your next trip. Whether it is the adrenaline of the large city life in Seattle the serenity of the San Juan Islands the grandeur of Mount Rainier or the home-town feel of Leavenworth you can make your Pacific Northwest trip as per your preference. For example, lovers of active paths will be impressed with the different types of adventurous hikes, and those who prefer comfortable lodging will find the various mountain cabins to their liking.


What is "Best 7 Places To Visit Washington State Where To Go?"

"Best 7 Places To Visit Washington State Where To Go?" is likely an article or a listicle that highlights seven recommended destinations or attractions in Washington State. It aims to provide readers with ideas on where to visit and what to see in this region of the United States.

Where can I find "Best 7 Places To Visit Washington State Where To Go?"

You can typically find such articles in travel magazines, websites specializing in travel and tourism, Washington State tourism websites, and popular travel blogs that focus on exploring the Pacific Northwest. These sources offer comprehensive guides and recommendations for travelers interested in visiting Washington State.

What kind of places are usually included in "Best 7 Places To Visit Washington State Where To Go?"

The list may include a variety of destinations such as national parks like Mount Rainier or Olympic National Park, cities like Seattle or Spokane, scenic areas like the San Juan Islands or Leavenworth, cultural sites like museums or historical landmarks, and outdoor recreational spots such as hiking trails or beaches.

Is there a specific website or source where I can regularly find "Best 7 Places To Visit Washington State Where To Go?"

Yes, websites specializing in Pacific Northwest travel, Washington State tourism websites, major travel booking platforms, and popular travel blogs often publish such lists. They provide insights into notable destinations and experiences in Washington State.

How can I suggest a place to be included in "Best 7 Places To Visit Washington State Where To Go?"

You can often contact the editorial team or content creators responsible for compiling such lists through their website contact forms, social media channels, or email addresses provided on the platform. They may welcome suggestions from readers and travelers.