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10 Safest Bahama Island for Tourists

The Bahamas is a country consisting of more than 700 islands and cays, popular for tourism, marine life, boating, history, and arts and crafts. Despite the generally low crime index especially the violent one, there is always a possibility of being a victim of a crime when on the islands hence people should be careful. 

1. Grand Bahama Island

The most visited island on this tourist list is the Grand Bahama where more than a million tourists come to enjoy. The island has good beaches, snorkeling, and golf, and there are sites of interest that tourists can visit. By comparing Freeport, the island’s largest city, with other Caribbean locations, one might conclude that it is rather safe. Gang violence and total crime rates are low in Belize and police patrol the tourist areas. As in any other uncharted territory, it is advisable to employ normal standards of security measures.

2. Abaco Islands

The most popular and famous islands of Abacos are well regarded for their boating, fishing, diving, and white sand beaches. The main attraction is the Abaco Islands of which there are four significant towns namely; Marsh Harbour, Hope Town, Man-O-War Cay, and Elbow Cay. Due to the sparse population on the cays, there is no major incidence of violent crimes here. You are likely to experience more cases of theft, especially the small items, therefore, safeguard your belongings. People are friendly and attentive to tourists and will help if needed.

3. Andros Island

Of all the Bahama islands, Andros is the largest but the least inhabited. Rarely crowded, it goes well for those seeking to have less interaction with other people. The shores of the island are lovely and this place is home to some of the best bonefishing in the Caribbean area. There isn’t much crime at all but again not much development, take cash, and do not expect high-end accommodations. It is more of an adventurous type of transportation for the travelers.

4. Exuma Cays

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Exumas, which boast over 300 islands and cays, popular for island-hopping, yachting, fishing, beautiful beaches, and seclusion. It is very safe and the only issue one can consider is theft which is a very low incidence of violent crimes. When in the hotel make sure you use hotel safes if they are available and do not leave personal valuables OUT of the water on the beach when swimming. Great Exuma and Little Exuma are the most developed islands while others are almost deserted so you should check with regards them before planning to visit the island.

5. Paradise Island

Paradise Island, which is connected to Nassau by a bridge, is a resort island that has been endowed with tourist facilities. Where the Atlantis resort is located, its features include beautiful beaches, gourmet restaurants, an aquarium, water parks, a casino, and nightlife that operates within a secured tourist city. Although, there are cases of theft, and some other violent incidents in Lombok, these are very rare, especially in the tourist area. The area has its private security services plus a local police station to ensure that undesirable elements are kept out of the region.

6. Bimini

Located only 50 miles from Miami and accessible via a direct flight, Bimini is the nearest Bahama island. Famous for sea fishing, it has tourist attractions such as beach tourism, snorkeling/scuba diving, water sports, and clubs. While the general crime rate is comparatively low, most of the crimes reported are from theft of items left unattended on the shores. The tourists should remain alert, and avoid taking reckless measures that may endanger the lives of many. It is also important to note that one should not stray to other areas of the station at night.

7. Eleuthera

A beautiful island, Eleuthera boasts more than 100 miles of fairly untouched coastline with coral ideal for snorkeling and fishing. Shelly Bay, Honeymooners Beach, and L.F. Wade International Airport are also some of the best in the Caribbean. While the tourism facilities are not as well developed as in the other islands, Eleuthera is quite relaxed, and the people are welcoming. It is rare to be a victim of violent crimes but it is important to know that your things will be safe here. Car rentals are available to get around on this stretched island that is approximately 29 kilometers long.

8. Cat Island

Cat Island is characterized by ravines but boasts of stunning shorelines with excellent diving and fishing spots. It is still rather deserted, however, there are a few small-scale boutique resorts and lodges around. This is the least common of crimes; it is almost impossible to mention that crimes exist within the country since many houses do not even have locks and keys. The few police officers appointed in the area seem to have little to do since crime has drastically reduced in the region. This is a place where there is no noise, and no crowds, and this makes Cat Island perfect for people who want to be alone.

9. San Salvador

The best-known and recognized event for San Salvador is that it is known to be the first island that Christopher Columbus set foot on. It has great diving, beaches, fishing, and history coupled with some great archaeological sites in the present-day environment. Criminal activity is not a problem, but pickpocketing has been rising due to the influx of tourists thus it is advised to keep small items secure in your accommodation. San Salvador is known for the friendliness of its inhabitants, the island is not as popular and built up as other islands.

10. Crooked Island

While it has some great snorkeling, sights, and nature, Crooked Island is most famous for its beaches and diving, with colorful coral and caves to discover. This makes it a good fishing ground, this water is dominated by Bonefish. While the more luxurious facilities can be found in various facilities, fishing lodges offer serviceable and comfortable accommodations. Unfortunately, crime is almost non-existent on Crooked Island and tourists can lie back and enjoy their vacation. Here you will be surrounded by many beautiful sights and have few tourists around.

It must be noted, however, that crime is always a possibility even in the most beautiful part of the world, and the Bahamas are no exception; however, tourists are unlikely to encounter many problems if they restrict themselves to visiting the more popular islands. P: Be wise, don’t put yourself in a difficult situation, don’t wander near deserted areas, rely on the hotel caretaker’s advice regarding secure tourist attractions, and don’t provoke it. Use a hotel safe when provided or keep a wallet on a belt with a flap to protect it. If you follow the tips above you will probably safely enjoy your dream vacation in the beautiful Bahamas.